Our Mission!

The appetite of the world at large for all things Indian has never been higher. Bollywood has become a household standard for entertainment from Belarus to Zimbabwe via Mississippi. Chicken curry, long the bastion of menus in obscure English pubs is well on its way to attaining the ubiquity of a cheeseburger. Indian authors proliferate on the world’s bookshelves and must read lists of books. However the story of ‘India’ is not the story of a land as its political borders suggest today – it is inextricably linked with that of its neighbors, the collective that constitutes South Asia.

It begins in Persia, whence we originate, and spans from Afghanistan to Bangladesh and Bhutan, from Nepal to Sri Lanka and the Maldives, from Pakistan to Burma and Tibet. The borders that separate us are political but the ties that bind us are cultural, and they go deep.EnActe aims to bring to the world stage the best of South Asian theatre.


Stories with their origins in South Asia but having a universal appeal.
South Asian stories whose origins are so old we cannot trace their beginnings.
Stories that are so new that we write them as we stage them.
And everything in between.


Voices that have the clarity of a single culture. Voices that come from the South Asian diaspora and are perfumed by another culture layered onto their South Asian origins. And last but not least, voices that were not born into South Asia but have been drawn to the region by the curiosity of the seeking mind that finds a tale worth telling.

But this is not all we at EnActe aim to do.

Good theatre only happens when you foster talent, reward effort, provide avenues of self expression and build ties not only within your own community but with others in faraway lands who share your passion.

That is why we are launching the EnActe Platform.

We will use this platform to engage with the community every which way we can.
We will run theatre classes, corporate team building events and theatre competitions.
We offer our repertoire of plays to other non profits for fundraising purposes.
Use us as an umbrella organisation to realize your dream production.

We believe that one plus one is so much more than two.
Whether you are local or from another city, state or country, whether you want to co-produce or you want us to host your ready production, call on us. We want to work with you.

It’s a ride on the wild side – come join us!
Volunteer, donate, spread the word.
Become a part of the world of EnActeurs…

Vinita Sud Belani
Founder, Artistic Director.

Enacte Arts Inc. is a 501(c)3 organization