Window on Women – The WEFT Showcase

Window on Women – WEFT


Our Story EnActe Arts is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization co-located in Silicon Valley, California, and Houston, Texas. The term “South Asian” is used broadly by EnActe Arts to represent the people of the greater Indian subcontinent living in the region and abroad, including the historical cultural influences of the region. EnActe Arts is a talent […]

The EnActe 2021 Season Pass!

We are Excited to announce our 2021 Season!! An action packed adventure that takes you all over the world as an Armchair Voyageur!!


Productions & Events Theatrical productions are the heart of any theater company. Shows and events that EnActe produces are groundbreaking, thought provoking, universally appealing theatre, storytelling and conversations of the highest quality. Each year EnActe develops and produce two major productions per year as well as an ongoing series of Beyond the Box events.  Now […]

In The News: EnActe series spotlights women performers, playwrights

This year we launched our program for women performers and playwrights. Women EnActe for Themselves, or WEFT, presented its first show “Art of the Possible” by Indian writer Reena Kapoor. WEFT is “designed to support women writers on women’s issues, taking their emerging stories to completion.” Mercury News highlighted WEFT and our Beyond the Box programs. Check […]

Community Programs

Community Programs EnActe’s programs serve to engage with and enrich the community through the application of theatre. These programs stem from our belief that theatre arts not only allow us to express our artistic side but also provide us with a powerful toolbox of skills that are relevant in all walks of life. Self-advocacy, resourcefulness, […]

Advisory Board

Advisory Board Tanuja Bahal Strategy, Executive Coach Dr. Patty Gallagher ESoD, WEFT Dr. Kathey Foley Preserving and propagating South Asian storytelling traditions, EnActe case study: the rise of ethnic theatre houses in America Dr. Roberta Katz WEFT Dr Anurag Mairal Messaging, Leadership Development Dr Susan McCulley WEFT, The EnActe Yearly Compendium Dr Radhika Rao WEFT, […]


. EnFacte Did you know that EnActe Academy, started 3 years ago, has over 200 alumni? Did you know that EnActe Arts was mentioned in the 2014 Lifetime Achievement Oscars? Did you know that between 2019 and 2020 Playful@EnActe conducted over 20 new play readings? Our First Production was Jean Claude Carrière’s telling of the […]