South Asian Theatre with Universal Appeal


Samar and Leela Devulapalli grew up in a small town in Oregon with parents who hoped they would use their opportunities to seek out the American Dream. But when Samar decides he wants to move to India to attend college and pursue his career, tension erupts as the Devulapallis make major decisions about how they […]

In Conversation with Danish Husain

Click here to watch the archived conversation! Danish Husain seamlessly wears every creative hat with distinction! Don’t take my word for it – Shah Rukh Khan himself tells us so!  In his theatre career Danish has worked with Barry John, Habib Tanvir, Rajinder Nath, M.S. Sathyu, M.K. Raina, Sunil Shanbag, Sabina Mehta Jaitly, & Naseeruddin Shah. Danish is instrumental in reviving […]

In Conversation:State of the Arts – Utterly Butterly Fascinating

Comedian and writer Anuvab Pal brings in two stalwarts of the Indian theatre, film and the advertising world into our living rooms for an in-depth look at the future of performing arts in India. Shernaz Patel is known to Indian movie lovers everywhere for her Award winning role as the mother of a deaf and dumb […]

Art of the Possible

What is a “good enough” reason for leaving my upper-class husband? Will I find a way to get on with my career without my family facing ridicule? And how can I convince my mother? Art of the Possible has answers… if I can get past my mother-in-law!


Fantastical, multilingual storytelling by a master storyteller – Danish Husain. It’s a virtual party you don’t want to miss! Shah Rukh Khan calls him  the storyteller “who takes us back to our happy place“. You saw him in critically acclaimed movies like Dhobi Ghat, Peepli Live, Newton…now see Danish Husain live!

Comedy is Hard

Two elderly former performers— she a dramatic actor, he a comedian— decide to redefine the way people see them by doing what they do best— putting on a show. Be sure to catch this hilarious play by Simpsons producer/writer Mike Reiss— chock-full of New York acting and directing talent!

Having It All: In Conversation with Denzil Smith

As he awaits the launch of his latest film Tenet with Chris Nolan, Denzil Smith traces his success in US, UK, and India across mediums. He has seamlessly straddled the worlds of theatre and of Bollywood, Hollywood and British films for over 4 decades. Listen in as he shares the challenges and joys of his journey, his foray into the small screen and […]

Art of the Possible

Back by Popular Demand! What is a “good enough” reason for divorcing my upper-class husband?Art of the Possible, a deceptively simple yet powerful play, was a huge success in June! We received so may requests for another showing from those that missed it that we decided to bring it back.


In desperation, Ayla hitches a ride across the country with Rachel and an RV full of artists. Rachel connects with the Goddess on her terms. Ayla connects with Allah whenever she can. Relationships unravel as the close-quarters bunkmates grapple with faith, mortality, and Rachel’s need to be in control.