A Conservation Conversation with Dr. Krithi Karanth

It was a fresh morning in Bangalore and Dr. Karanth was glowing. Meanwhile, in my New York apartment, I grinned out from the shadows of a poorly lit Zoom window at 11pm. But let me tell you – after the conversation we had – it was hard to go to sleep! I was feeling inspired […]

Costumes of The Jungle

Oona Natesan: Costume Designer, Critical Thinker, and Creative Powerhouse by Mukta Phatak We’ve all seen it: the elaborate lion headpiece, the epic four-man dragon puppet, two actors inside of a horse costume, an adorable child in a too large hat with foam cat ears, even the occasional actual dog on stage (I’m looking at you, […]

The Creative Process: Writing with Collective Wisdom

Every year, the EnActe Conservatory chooses a text to study and adapt into a piece of theater that explodes out from the source material. In 2019, the students decided on The Jungle Book. The beloved classic was originally written by Rudyard Kipling (a white, British man) and later adapted into its most well-known contemporary form, […]