How it Happens

Locked down and COVID-positive, a positivity influencer reaches out to a former friend: an essayist whose accounts of bullying throw both women into a scandal.


Enter Stage Right: In Conversation with Feisal Alkasi. With a special appearance by Keith Khorana Stevenson.

Framroze Mansion

A Bawa Parsi “Mumma” rewrites her will, causing a flurry of reactions amongst four siblings in far flung corners of the world. 

A perfect drama full of humor and pathos! 

EnActe celebrates Women’s History Month

This Women’s History Month we dive into our archives and look back at some amazing women whose stories have graced our stage Noor Inayat Khan Soundwaves, The Passion of Noor Inayat Khan traced the incredible life of Noor, a young Muslim Woman, a descendent of Tipu Sultan, a musician, a writer of children’s stories and […]