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The Jungle Book: Rudyard Revised

The script was developed by members of our Conservatory, aged 10-60. The cine play and the upcoming theatrical production are directed by Vinita Sud Belani, Artistic Director at EnActe Arts.
Our version of The Jungle Book evolved from readings of the original story, passionate discussions between our members, and a collective effort to maintain authenticity through diligent dramaturgy.
The Jungle Book: Rudyard Revised is bound to enthrall audiences with its exciting music, movement, masks, costumes, and sounds of the jungle. The music is composed by world-renowned Jazz saxophonist and Hindustani classical musician George Brooks. The choreography, by Aparna Sindhoor and Anil Natyaveda of the groundbreaking Navarasa Dance Theatre, incorporates the animalistic roots of the ancient Indian martial art called Kalaripayattu. Authentic Pattachitra artwork by local artists in India forms the backdrop for the play. This Cine play will be live streamed on Eventbrite and Vimeo at the cost of $4.99 only.       Tickets!   Tickets!   Tickets!

Module 1 – Script & Book Development (ONLINE)
October 12 – December 22, 2021

*No classes Nov 23 – Nov 29
Tuesdays & Thursdays
Ages: 12+
The first module, script and book development, for ages 12 and up will run from October 12th to December 16th. This intensive program will be led by Maninder Chawla with support from Liam Kuhn. Students will adapt and develop the story of A Little Princess through a new lens, and create a full theatrical production. Students will learn and apply the invaluable skills of story and character development and writing. Use your creativity and personal worldview to adapt the story for a contemporary audience!

Module 2 – Creative Design
January 18 – March 17, 2022
Tuesdays & Thursdays*
Ages: 12+
In this exceptional creative process, taught by a variety of professionals in their field, students will learn and apply all the design components of executing this theatrical piece – lyric composition, sets, projection design, set design, choreography, costumes, music, movement and sound! Subject experts will conduct several Masterclasses. Ultimately, students are crafting the design for our brand-new play!
Module 3 – Rehearsal & Production
March 29 – June 2, 2022
Detailed Schedule TBA
Ages: 6 – 106
It’s showtime!
Under the guidance of an experienced theatre director, cast and crew members will rehearse, incorporate design elements, and put together the entire show! After a thorough rehearsal period, you will premiere your hard work on opening night!