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Community Programs

EnActe’s programs serve to engage with and enrich the community through the application of theatre. These programs stem from our belief that theatre arts not only allow us to express our artistic side but also provide us with a powerful toolbox of skills that are relevant in all walks of life. Self-advocacy, resourcefulness, teamwork, collaboration and empathy are all an integral part of theatre and make us more competent in all aspects of communication and leadership including presentation, perception and persuasion.

Leadership Development

EnActe’s leadership development programs that help leaders craft their message and develop an authentic, relatable brand.


Women EnActe for Themselves is a program that provides a safe space for women’s voices to develop under the guidance of a leadership circle. To enable them to create and present theatrical work that focuses on women’s issues and on issues that women care about. It provides women with a platform to share and build stories, to commune, to EnActe.

Vintage EnActe

Vintage EnActe serves our seniors with theatre classes, workshops and events.

EnActe in the Community

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