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Acting Masterclass with Lillete Dubey

Bollywood, Hollywood and everything in between – Take your acting to the next level with one of India’s finest theatre and film actors!

Lillete Dubey is a critically acclaimed stage and film actress, director, and theater maker who is known for her work in both South Asian and American plays, films, television, radio and festivals. She is a Founder Member of the Theatre Action Group, and the Primetime Theatre Company. Many of her plays have participated in festivals all over India. Dubey has played the lead on numerous television productions, as well as worked internationally with Channel 4 UK and BBC 1. She has acted in nearly sixty films, as well as numerous short films and web series, TV Commercials, and voice overs. 

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An overview of Lillete’s learnings and experience both on stage and screen, breakdown of characters through the Monsoon Wedding script, and a frank and honest discussion with you and your aspirations in the acting world. A lesson in deep psychological insight as well as hardcore craft and technique!

Each participant will be assigned a stage or screen scene with a partner. Having practiced this beforehand, you will present your work to Ms. Dubey during the workshop and be critiqued.  Then you will have a chance at a second take if needed. An exclusive opportunity to be personally directed by Ms. Dubey.

In this final module, you will engage with Ms. Dubey on a personal level, asking questions about art, life, or craft. During this frank back-and-forth, Ms. Dubey will discuss and advise you about your personal experiences, goals, and ambitions. An invaluable culmination to this incredible master-class!

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The Sitayana is a​n artful transposition of the Hindu epic The Ramayana ​told from Sita’s point of view. Part epic tale, part coming of age story, The S​itayana is the ultimate breakup play. Audiences attending the livestreamed viewings September 25 – October 17, 2021 will be given the choice of one of three unique incarnations of Sita from whom they will hear her story (Amar Chitra Sita, Sita’s Mehndi Party, and Sita’s Slumber Party) which questions traditional gender roles, subverts idealized views of femininity, and ultimately centers Sita as a hero within her own epic journey. Each of the versions will be available for video-on-demand viewing beginning September 20th, 2021 through Sunday, October 17.

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