EnActe School of Drama is the educational arm of the renowned Bay Area theatre company EnActe Arts, Inc., an organization dedicated to global storytelling and diverse voices. The School of Drama has students of all ages, catering to its clientele with drama-based holistic education suitable for children, youth, adults, and even industry professionals. The primary philosophy of the School of Drama is that the skills provided by film and theatre arts are applicable, practical, and integral to the development of any career in any field. We have been successful in a constantly changing climate (even through challenges such as COVID-19), because what drama teaches most is self-thought, adaptability, resourcefulness and all attributes of social competence including presentation, perception and persuasion. We teach more than drama; we teach a new way of thinking to radically shift the way we think about the correlation between art and technology.

Course Descriptions

Level: Elementary

This exciting summer course with EnActe will allow students to devise a brand-new play based around a popular story. Students will find engagement through creative writing and improvisational exercises to develop a script. Congruently, our experienced instructor will work with the students utilizing their voices and bodies to create compelling characters.

A typical session looks like:

·       1 hour, story work

·       1 hour, acting skills

·       1 hour, rehearsal


FINAL TAKEAWAY: The students will then bring the entire project to life in a final performance. This performance will be filmed by the instructor and available to view via YouTube link (private) for friends and family to view!

Level: Elementary

Pitching Pixar Shorts is a unique combination of the two most popular classes offered by the EnActe School of Drama at the end of which the student will be able to pitch an idea for a Pixar short film. During this dynamic class students will learn presentation methods from TedTalks and writing impactful stories from animated short films. Our inspiring instructor(s) will then help the students craft their work into powerful pitches.

A typical session looks like:

·       1 hour, creative writing

·       1 hour, body and/or voice training

·       1 hour, presentation skills


FINAL TAKEAWAY: Students will be filmed by instructor doing their Pixar Short Presentations, and those will be available via YouTube link (private) for friends and family to view.

Length of Course: 2 hours, weekly

Level: Elementary

Who doesn’t love Saturday Mornings? Play, fun, and animated shorts – cartoons! In this exciting course students will have the opportunity to engage in physical games and exercises that work on team building, focus, and fun. Then they will examine “cartoon” voices and learn the process of what it takes to be a voice actor! Our incredible instructor(s) will then guide the students blending the physical and vocal into a powerhouse performance!

A typical session looks like:

·       1 hour, team building

·       1 hour, voice acting

·       1 hour, rehearsal


FINAL TAKEAWAY: An animated voiced by the students of the course, made available via YouTube (private) for friends and family!

Level: Elementary & Middle

Friendship and trust are the theme of this exciting class. By examining short, animated films they will learn basic story formats and through physical games they will learn about trust. Our instructors will then work with the students to construct stories surrounded by the themes of friendship and trust.

A typical session looks like:

  • 1 hour, team building
  • 1 hour, storytelling
  • 1 hour, workshop writing


FINAL TAKEAWAY: A published e-book! ‘

Level: Elementary & Middle

Our popular program is designed for either elementary or middle schoolers. A typical day begins with a screening of a short animated film (3-8 minutes), then delves into story analysis and design in order to help students think critically to creatively write a story using the same logical / narrative structures. Each class ends with each student having an outline for a clearly communicated coherent narrative. This program helps students learn the invaluable skill of clear and persuasive communication from a basis of storytelling. Ultimately, students will have the structures necessary to make arguments, change minds, and impact the future. 

FINAL PROJECT: Each student will walk away with a portfolio of story outlines they have brainstormed during their time in the class. 

Level: Elementary & Middle

Is your child going to change the world? This class will give your student the opportunity to think about big ideas in a way they can digest and communicate their own big ideas to shape the future. Each class the student will watch a short TedTalk given by someone between ages 6-15 and engage in a critical analysis of the ideas presented within their cohort. Then students innovate their own new projects and share their ideas with their peers. This process will challenge their ideas and ultimately teach them about persuasion, public speaking, charisma, stage presence, clarity, and other leadership skills! Students will have a blast while learning fundamental skills that will help them in their future careers. 

FINAL PROJECT: Each student will write, perform, and record their own TedTalk which can be shared with their friends and family!

Level: Elementary, Middle, & High

In this course, students will develop a character through physicality and vocality, learning empathy, immersion, and articulation. Then, they will be recorded virtually in sync with a pre-animated piece, and their voices dubbed (using ADR — automated dialogue replacement) onto the clip. This class teaches them the process of animation (providing a general overview of the technology) and sound recording, as well as aids in performance as well. 

Final Project: A short clip featuring an animated character speaking with their voice!

Level: Elementary

Our introduction to performance through classic storytelling provides a safe space for students to explore their imaginations and emotions through theatre games and performance.  Students will work collaboratively in an ensemble performance-based retelling of a storybook, under the guidance of a professional storyteller. They will learn how to work as a team, become stewards of their community, how to project their voices, communicate with their body and exercise critical thinking skills through story analysis and game play. Through all of these tools, each student will find a new way of communicating and succeeding with the world around them. 

Please note  – we cannot sign your child up for a camp since these are through our partnering schools and we have no control of their processes. If you have specific questions about a camp’s content you may contact us.

EnActe Academy

Summer and after school programs for ages 5-18. These classes can be taught in person and remotely through our school partners and after school providers. Some of our most popular courses are:

  • Voice Acting for Animation
  • Leadership for Future Innovators 
  • Team Building through Story

EnActe Studio

Evening and weekend programs for adults.

EnActe Storytellers is a subscription program that offers customized clinics for writers, directors and performers.

Bespoke Masterclasses with renowned theatre makers and storytellers.


EnActe Conservatory

EnActe School of Drama is proud to announce the launch of EnActe Conservatory, a comprehensive, advanced theatre program!

More coming in 2023; stay tuned!


A program in development. EnAccolades will be a celebration of theatrical excellence via an open competition for elementary, middle and high school students.